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at Llancaiach Fawr

  • Llancaiach Fawr is committed to working towards ‘Access for All’ and sharing this beautiful and historic manor house with everyone.

    The site

    Llancaiach Fawr comprises the Manor House, Visitor Centre, Education Block for school groups, formal  and informal gardens. Events are often held on the Meadow- level mown grass and sometimes on Cae Hir- a pasture.

    The Visitor Centre includes a coffee lounge, conservatory restaurant, gift shop and exhibition about the history of the Manor and its inhabitants.


    There are 6 designated disabled parking bays approximately 20 meters from the entrance to the reception area. There is a setting down point outside of the visitor centre entrance and there is a small angled curb from the roadway up onto the pavement, which then leads into the visitor centre. There are 3 designated disabled parking bays in the lower car park nearer to the conservatory restaurant and function room. The car parks are block paved or tarmacked. The lower car park is on a gentle incline.

    For major events general parking is on Cae Hir which is an uneven surface but the upper car park is reserved for Blue Badge parking. Once that is full a drop off system by the main entrance is used for disabled passengers.


    In the Visitor Centre there are two a unisex wheelchair accessible toilets; one adjacent to the reception area (left hand transfer) and one adjacent to the conservatory restaurant and function room (right hand transfer).

    In the Education Block there is a left hand transfer wheelchair accessible toilet in the mens toilet and a right hand transfer wheelchair accessible toilet in the ladies toilets.

    There is one ambulant accessible cubicle in all the toilets.

    *Please note there are no toilet facilities for the public in the Manor House.


    There are smooth stone floors or non-slip vinyl flooring throughout the Visitor Centre and Education Block. The Courtyard is block paved and level. The gardens and approach to the Manor consist of flagstones and hoggin pathways; the house is situated approximately 30 meters from the visitor centre along a flagstone pathway. A rammed hoggin and stone dust roadway leads to the rear gardens and the flagstone ramp ( 1:15 and 1:12 for a short distance) to the staircase tower entrance for wheelchair users.


    The main entrance has automatically opening doors. The door from the exhibition to the Manor and gardens and the door from the shop to the gardens have accessible openers.

    Lift in the Visitor Centre

    There is a wheelchair accessible platform lift down to the function room and bar from the level of the conservatory, toilets and rear lobby.

    The Manor House

    Llancaiach Fawr Manor is a grade 1 listed building which was constructed in the mid 16th century. Following works in 2014-2015 to the Manor we have improved accessibility for visitors with disabilities. The vast majority of the Manor can now be accessed by visitors with mobility difficulties and all but the attics and 2 rooms on the first floor can be accessed by visitors who use a wheelchair.

    A new staircase tower has been constructed at the rear of the manor to provide a platform lift to the first and second floors and level stepped staircase to the upper floors. However, it has not been possible, due to the design and layout of the Tudor building, to provide wheelchair access to the attics which are shown as the servants quarters.

    Surfaces: The floors are a mixture of flagstone floors downstairs which are uneven and oak floors upstairs. The age of the building means that some of the wooden floors are not flat and care is required throughout the building.

    Stairs and steps: The step height can differ on the historic staircases. The step heights are not always even within the same staircase. Iron handrails have been fitted to the stone staircases, especially for accessing the attics which have very narrow and steep stairs and may not be suitable for visitors with mobility difficulties.

    Doorways: Some of the historic doorways are considerably lower than modern doors and care must be taken. They have not been increased as that would remove the historic fabric of the Manor which is protected by law.

    Important information for wheelchair users in the manor: The new lift and staircase tower dimensions are restricted due to the nature and history of the building and this should be taken into account before visiting. The platform lift for wheelchair and ambulant disabled access is 1080mm by 800mm and the platform load weight is 250kg (2 people). We provide an attendant wheelchair for use above the ground floor if your wheelchair exceeds the dimensions of the lift.

    Ghost Tours: Due to the nature of the building, ghost tour visitors with mobility issues will only be able to access the ground floor of the manor house.  This is due to Health and Safety legislation and the risk assessment in place.  Bookings of this nature will be at a reduced price due to the shortened tour and must be made by either calling reception on 01443 412248 or emailing

    Please note that the emergency evacuation chair for the staircase tower has a maximum weight load of 135kg ( 21 ½ stones) and you must be able to transfer from your wheelchair into the emergency chair to fulfil the requirements of the Fire Management Plan for your safe exit from the Manor in the event of a fire or emergency.

    Due to the layout of the building our Fire Management Plan only allows for one wheelchair user to be above ground floor level at any one time.

    Although the majority of the manor (excluding the attics) is accessible for wheelchair users please be aware that the Great Hall and the Parlour, which are situated on the first floor, are not wheelchair accessible as there are steps and level changes between the rooms. These steps and level changes have been evened up to enable ambulant visitors with mobility impairment to access the rooms on the first floor. Handrails and additional level steps have been installed to largely overcome the uneven step height. For those unable to visit the Great Hall and the Parlour a virtual tour is available in the visitor centre on a screen.

    Lighting levels in the Manor: the light levels in the manor have been designed to recreate the quality and levels appropriate for a 17th century interior. There are horn lanterns and candle light throughout the manor. The servants quarters have low lighting and care must be taken on the staircases and floors. If you experience difficulties with the light levels please advise the servants of the manor who will increase the light levels for you.

    Hearing loop: we have a portable hearing loop for use by the public which is carried in a satchel so that the historic interpreters who portray the servants are aware that you may need them to stand closer to you to maximise the benefit of the loop system. They will recognise the satchel which will alert them that they need to stand closer to you without the need for you to ask them.

    Your ease: The furniture in the manor is for using. There is seating in every room. Please feel free to sit and take your time to enjoy the manor.

    If you require more detailed information or wish to pre-book the use of the hearing loop or the use of an attendant wheelchair during your visit then please contact us in advance on 01443 412248 or by email at