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Ffilmiau byr ‘Bywyd yn y Maenordy’

yn Llancaiach Fawr

Plague Prevention in 1645 at Llancaiach Fawr Manor
Stephen Mathias, Agent & Servant at Llancaiach Fawr Manor in 1645 - 'The Plague is Back'
Warding off the Plague in 1645 at Llancaiach Fawr Manor
Plague of Years gone Past at Llancaiach Fawr as told by Stephen Mathias
Llancaiach Fawr Manor - The plague with Dai Blewog
Rachel and Elisedd's gossip from a visit to the market
Hundreds of Witch Marks discovered at Llancaiach Fawr
Nathaniel Knight's proclamation from the King on how to behave during the plague
The Doctor's return to Lady Constance
Elisedd and Rachel's big political decision - who will they vote for?
An important message on behalf of Colonel Edward Prichard
Nathaniel Knight assists Colonel Prichard with keeping the 'Hundred of Senghenydd' safe
Anne, Rachel, and Elisedd discuss the diet recommended to the Lady of the Manor
Llancaiach Fawr Manor - Siege Coins
No celebrating Christmas?! Hezekiah and Tudur discuss the official ban of celebrating Christmas
Elisedd and the Wise Woman